Dubai announces massive health survey of residents on Sunday

The survey is set to cover four key areas and aims to enhance public health and the quality of life for residents

Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is set to begin a massive health survey for residents on Sunday, September 10. The initiative in cooperation with Digital Dubai and Dubai Statistics Center aims to enhance public health and the quality of life for citizens, WAM reported.

Four key areas will be covered such as chronic diseases and health problems, lifestyle choices, healthcare expenditure and the quality of healthcare services. The test will cover a basic set of examinations for free.

The authorities will ensure strict privacy and confidentiality of the data and information of those surveyed.

The Dubai Household Health Survey 2023 is conducted in accordance with international protocols and has previously successfully been implemented in 2009, 2014, and 2019.

The field survey will target various segments and a select group of society, including citizens and residents (children, adolescents, women, men, and the elderly), in addition to the general population and worker groups.

Preparatory procedures for the survey is in accordance with the highest global standards and will be implemented with strict requirements and control to maintain privacy and confidentiality.

The process to carry out the survey has been simplified and will be done in a few simple steps starting with filling out the electronic data form and measuring health conditions such as diabetes and blood pressure.

The survey intends to offer residents the chance to recognise health conditions and take timely action.

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