In 1987 The Year Saw The Launch Of Union Property Development In Dubai With A Rich And Diverse Investment Portfolio.

Union Properties Became A Publicly Listed Company In 1993 With More Than 12,000 Shareholders

In 2018 Over 10,000 Propeties Delivered – More Than 25 Iconic Projects With Motor City Expansion Our Pride.

For Three Decades, Union Properties Has Been Entrusted With Developing Key Residential, Commercial, Industrial, And Leisure Projects Across Dubai

With Over 30 Years of Experience, Union Properties Continues to Lead Dubai into the Smart Future of the 2030 Vision Through its Subsidiaries. ServeU, The Fitout, EDACOM, and GMAMCO, all Contribute to the Success of the Company and an Outstanding Service. Some of our Iconic Projects are MotorCity, Uptown Mirdiff, and The Dubai Autodrome.

Distinguished History With Important Milestones

Pioneers in the Property Development Sector, we are Cemented by a Long and Distinguished History with Important Milestones, Innovation, Growth, and Impeccable Service.


Motor City

Where Life Happens

Represents The Ambitious Commitment To Creativity And Reaches Beyond An Elevated Lifestyle As A Natural Part Of Impressive Living.

Restless, Energetic, Eager, and Ambitious Are Vivid Key Descriptives For The Impressive Design Of The MotorCity Project Community.

Being developed over a land area of approximately 35,338,575 square feet, MotorCity is a development based on creating a unique destination in Dubai, that includes residential, business, sports, and leisure opportunities. MotorCity is in fact ‘a city within a city’ that is comprised of six sectors with unique destinations such as Avenue District, Dubai Autodrome, Union District Mall, OIA Residence, UPTOWN, Green Community MotorCity, and First Avenue Mall & Hotel.

Location: MotorCity, Dubai
Number of Units: 11,630

OIA Residence

A New Way Of Living

Inspired design, state-of-the-art amenities, and a sense of community are all part of the new way of life you will become accustomed to at OIA Residence.

Paying homage to OIA, a small picturesque town on the island of Santorini renowned for its unsurpassed beauty and architectural eminence, OIA Residence emanates the charm and character of this most inspiring destination. The modern and sophisticated community comprises a low-rise residential building encompassing a variety of amenities such as open green spaces as well as a number of recreational facilities.

OIA Residence offers a range of First Class facilities, offering a new and modern experience of active living, surrounded by nature.


An Icon In The Sky

The Index is the Paradigm of Contemporary Living, Revolutionizing the Idea of Balance between Lifestyle, Construction, and Environment.

Built to be more than just walls, the Index offers the experience of the deepest immersion in Dubai living. During the day the surrounding area is the heart of the economic progress of the city and at night you can enjoy the most elegant restaurants and a wide range of entertainment activities.

With its slender profile, the Index has twenty-five floors of office space and three levels for exclusive retail outlets at the base of the tower. A classic two-floor sky lobby to sit and socialize cuts horizontally the building and offers an amazing view of the city from all its corners.

A luxury place to work and enjoy free time, that with its captivating design outstands the city’s skyline.

The Index Tower represents a vision inspired by growth and smart evolution. The building’s advanced design allows a significant saving of energy and consequently drastically reduces not only the costs but also the overall environmental impact of the tower.


A Town In Uptown

Designed along the Lines of an Ancient Spa Town, this Unique Venture Merges Community-Style Living with a Suburban Retail Experience.

UPTOWN Mirdiff stands home to stylish residential and commercial properties, lined with international eateries, cafes, and popular retail stores. With a key location in the most peaceful spot of Dubai, the community is a thriving and sustainable neighborhood for families, hosting an onsite primary school, park, and numerous safe play spaces for the little ones.

Outlined around what is known as the Grand Piazza, a central feature of the community, UPTOWN Mirdiff bolsters a myriad of townhouses and rowhouses in three distinct apartment styles: Garden, Courtyard, and Terrace.

A Pedestrian-Friendly Path at the Pedestrian District allows an Ultimate Outdoor Shopping Experience. Here is Possible to Stroll along for a Walk while Discovering Unmissable Deals.

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